For a long time we wanted to work together on a creative project that would be a dialogue between our two domains, architecture and pattern. From that point the idea of creating an exclusive line of wallpapers HEJU X SEASON PAPER COLLECTION became evident. Lead by this idea, HEJU as construction manager and SEASON PAPER COLLECTION holding the pens, we imagined 3 wallpapers in several colour variations : Trame and Lune both display sobre and elementary lines, while Géométrie plays with balance and mathematical shapes, and Utopie wanders in an imaginary landscape mixing architectural archetypes and natural elements. The colour palette oscillates between dark and light, warm and cold, feminine and masculine shades, featuring powder pink, the signature colour of both our studios. Like ideal decors, these 3 prints, drawn by hand are a beautiful meeting point of our brands. 

Hélène & Julien, Mélissa & Julie