Since 2019, Gamin Gamine dresses up our Kids with minimalistic and timeless basics. Genderless shapes, comfy clothes, simple colors, imaginative details, it's THE prefect wardrobe for little ones (and their parents). So, when Julie asked us to create an exclusive print, it was a big yes ! We were very excited to draw the very first Gamin Gamine print! For this kid's friendly collab, we wanted to draw a strong, modern and mischievous pattern. Falling back into childhood, we grabbed our felt pens, our school scissors, and started cutting out shapes, plenty of shapes. Using those shapes as giant stickers, we put them together and tadaaa, there it was! It was fun and cute, a bit like our kids actually ;-) We can't wait to see them in those outfits and we hope you feel the same!

Mélissa & Julie

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